Here you can take a look into Favolart’s world, you can get some backstage information. From time to time we will post here some detailed informations about our progress and developments. You can read about our past, our ongoing projects and about our plans.


Hello, my name is Timea, and from the past few years I am painting illustrations whenever I can. Of course I am not alone here, because my husband is the one who turns all my illustrations and fantasies into physical products.

I am a graphic designer by profession, but during my pregnancy I have returned to traditional painting techniques and children’s illustrations. After the precise world of computers it was really refreshing to hold a paint brush again. This reunion with the traditional painting opened up a whole new dimension for me. I have created new paintings each week during this period, which are now decorating my daughter’s bedroom.

Here are some of my works from that period (you can view more of them here):



My daughter’s favorite things are her beautifully illustrated story-books. Whenever she opened up her books and admired the pictures in it over and over again, I thought I should expand this fabulous world into other parts of our home too. What about the walls, doors, clocks or even to bedside lamps? If those fable characters are populating the surroundings of my daughter then this favorite characters could become an ignition for her imagination. They can turn into friends and protectors of her imaginary world.

This is how the Favolart brand was born, and since then I am creating new content constantly with the help of my daughter’s imagination.

I wish you a fabolous day!