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Our newest products are featuring personalized unique name plaques, wall clocks, children’s growth chart and other home decoration elements, which would be a perfect gift idea and addition to your home.

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Canvas Arts

We wanted to create a unique, colorful and fabulous world for our child’s imagination. Characters and events from one products sometimes return in other works creating sets of different products, making even better gift ideas.

For example the characters from the “Forest ice cream” canvas print set are inspired from my wall lamp with the same title. Hobbes the ice cream selling playful fox likes to juggle with ice creams, while Pille, the little rabbit is a real ice cream lover.


Take a look into our shop where you can choose from our range of always renewable list of decorations and gift ideas:

And what about our lamps?

Do you wonder how our decorative wall lamps look day and night? Just move the slider in the picture to see it yourself.


A sweet night light for kids rooms, our decorative wall lamps at night are functioning as mood light, thanks to a hidden led stripe lighting only the illustrations inside the lamp, while at daytime the whole composition becomes visible.

Perfect as a sleeping companion or night light for kids who are afraid in the dark. It’s low consumption lets you have it turned on all night.

Take a look among our offer of wall lamps:

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Name plaques, growth charts, celebration calendars and clocks are presenting in our list.

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